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The Universe: From Comets to Constellations Student Journal


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Tom DeRosa & Carolyn Reeves

How big is the solar system? How big is the universe? Can we make a model to help us understand God’s wonderful creation? This and other questions are answered through an uplifting, investigate process created just for upper elementary students!

Paperback: 45 pages

9 in stock

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Tom DeRosa & Carolyn Reeves

This is where you will write your explorations of astronomy and God’s amazing universe!

When you choose to study with the Investigate the Possibilities series you discover the fun of observing science at work, and here is this student journal is where you’ll be able to record all your findings on easy-to-remove perforated pages!

Within this student journal you’ll find…

  • Important reinforcement for key learning concepts
  • Questions to help you better understand your findings
  • Guidance for digging deeper into these important astronomy concepts
  • Useful charts and diagrams that help you visualize the words

This is the interactive text for organizing activity results and additional skill tests, and more!

Paperback: 45 pages

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