Untold Secrets of Planet Earth: Dire Dragons


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Vance Nelson

Using hundreds of incredible photographs from around the world, Dire Dragons provides stunning evidence that the ancients saw dinosaurs and depicted them, calling them ‘dragons’. One of the best books on the subject ever produced.

Hardback: 139 pages

3 in stock


Vance Nelson

It’s time to delve into the mystery surrounding those creatures known throughout the world in ancient times as dragons. Are they merely mythical, or do they have a basis in reality? The answer, based on tangible evidence documented from around the world, will astonish you.

Dire Dragons provides revolutionary and profound evidence from ancient artwork that there is a real, powerful, documentable, and defensible connection between the dragons of ancient times and the dinosaurs we know so well from fossils. If you need to see the evidence, this book is for you.

Hardback: 139 pages

“This is an interesting book; unique in its presentation of facts related to when “dinosaurs” lived. It looks at various cultures from around the world through the lens of ancient art—carvings, statuary, Bible illuminations, embroidery—and relates these ancient art pieces that depict “dragons” to actual dinosaurs that have been discovered in paleontology excavations. The history is fascinating, and high-quality artwork and illustrations throughout the volume make this book an enjoyable read. Leave it out on your coffee table. It’s sure to get a conversation started when visitors come over.” – Bread Baker Annie

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