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College Prep America is a website for young people that teaches conservative, biblical, common-sense principles using a revolutionary new format, on virtually any computer or mobile device.

While this course would normally cost $149, we want to love people in the most practical way we can during this time by making this course available to you for any cost. (Platform & Streaming Fee $25)


Suggested Amount: $149.00

Minimum Amount: $25.00


FUN EDUCATION? Is that an oxymoron?

No! Youth don’t think so for this out-of-the-box curriculum! College Prep America’s innovative fast-draw format; the short, easily accessible segments; the healthy competition of winning Olympic-style medals; and the ability to do “homework” without pencil and paper on their phone or mobile device spells FUN EDUCATION. This unique approach actually bonds families together as they enjoy the competition and talk through life principles.

Eternal Consequences

Do your kids truly understand the fundamental elements of their faith? Are they able to see and comprehend that their faith is both logical and reasonable, and historically & scientifically accurate? Can their faith withstand the attacks presented by professors, peers, employers, and colleagues they will encounter? Seeing the success of this resource to help stay the tidal wave of Christian youth leaving their faith; we urge parents, schools, and churches to use College Prep America to help educate families on what they believe, why they believe it, and how to defend its truths.

Short Lessons on Any Mobile Device

This format presents eye-opening concepts to the younger generation and reaches them exactly where they are – on any computer or mobile device! Designed with a flexible schedule in mind, students have the luxury of taking their time and moving at their own pace and schedule, even completing one, short 3-minute segment at a time.

Conservative Content

What will ready your young people for the cultural battlefield they will face—both in the university setting and in everyday life amidst a growing liberal, godless, and even hostile American culture? The CPA revolutionary online training program addresses apologetic, cultural, and political issues with conservative, biblical, common-sense principles.

College Prep America imparts godly wisdom for making the right decisions at any crossroads by helping young people understand the big picture, the culture-challenge they face, and what’s at stake. It instills Scriptural discernment to truly separate opinion from fact, fiction from truth, imprudence from wisdom.

Added Bonuses!

  • CPA is a non-profit organization, so your subscription to its content is tax deductible!
  • The affordable year’s subscription covers FIVE people! What fun curriculum can you buy for only $19.40 per person?
  • At the end of each year, College Prep America awards a total of over $20,000 in scholarships to multiple winning students who complete all the videos.

*After purchasing you will receive an email with your course activation code.

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