Physicist and author Stephen Hawking says that no God was required to make the universe. Stephen, please give a scientific explanation for how your computer came to be without referring to any outside source of power or design such as “man.”

Your answer must be confined to natural causes within the elements of the machine. You can refer to physical forces like inertia, gravity, centrifugal force, etc., even though it could be argued that even they need a designer! If you choose to involve long time periods for your explanation, then also please factor in the disintegration and natural decomposition of the various materials in the computer as well.

The finished computer only needs to be loaded with software for solitaire, not any other programs (to save you lots of time!).

To assist you, start with gold, silver and copper wire already the right diameter and already insulated and on a spool. As an added bonus, all the plastic parts for the keys are supplied and the case is already in the right size and shape, too. What a bonus that is! Ready … set … GO!

While we wait in vain, I’d recommend that Stephen and everyone else admit the obvious: there was a Designer of this universe. He did it for a reason and left behind a record of who He is, what He wants from us and even provided a way to be forgiven when we break His laws. Read “How to be Saved.”