During a Home School Family Camp this September, I had the opportunity to play paintball with the campers. After several rounds of capture the flag, team elimination and just plain fun, we ended the afternoon with a game called “Moose.” In Moose, two people are chosen to be “eternal” (they cannot be eliminated), and they have to take out all the other players before the game is over. It was fun when I was “eternal” because I knew that I could never be taken out. Even if the other player hit me, it didn’t matter—I was not going to stop until they were “dead.”

In a way, Moose reminded me of the security I have in Christ. It doesn’t matter what I do, with genuine repentance, all my sins are forgiven. The apostle Paul reflects on this security as he asks the Christians in Rome if we should use this security to continue in sin so that God’s grace will be even greater our lives? The answer, “God forbid.” (Romans 6:1) The implication here is obvious: namely, that we have security, but it is not an excuse to continue in sin. As Christians, we should have a desire for righteousness. Once we repent of our sins and trust in Jesus Christ as our Savior, we are granted “eternal” life, and it is literally “eternal.”