One of our recent visitors to The Creation Store was Maryann Stuart. She has spent the past four years helping out as a volunteer at the 7 Wonders Creation Museum in Silver Lake, Washington, and earned her Masters from the Institute of Creation Research in 2007. But, most of the time, she works as a Research Associate in Arcadia, Florida, with the Creation Adventures Museum, and assists Dr. Gary Parker there. Our bookstore supervisor, Brenda, had a good time brainstorming with Maryann for some insight on displays and other relevant scientific information.

The 7 Wonders Creation Museum is nestled in the shadow of Mount St. Helens and provides an amazing testimony for the rapid formation of geologic formations similar to that of the Grand Canyon. I had an opportunity to visit the museum recently and will write about some highlights in another blog.

If you ever find yourself in Seattle, Wash. or Arcadia, Fla., be sure to drop by for a visit. Oh yeah, and tell them Eric and the team from Creation Today said, “Hi!”