Risen Without A Doubt

This week we have been hosting a Live Online Class on the Resurrection of Christ. The students have loved it so much that they wanted to share at least one of the classes with their friends and family. We hope you enjoy our unique style and sense of humor and learn from the content presented in today’s lesson, “A Hole In Our Gospel”.


What Students are Saying


I just wanted to say how much I am enjoying the Risen course. I am learning much and my spirit just thrills to see Gods wonderful weaving of the OT scriptures into the New Testament.
The whole experience is just so God honoring. Well done and thank you for making it available. I am a single working mum and this has really blessed me.

God bless
Jayne, Australia


Hi Eric

I just wanted to encourage you by saying a big thank you for the blessings of Creation Apologetics 101 and now Risen Without A Doubt. I met the Lord 15 years ago, but I am ashamed to say I became blase and complacent thereafter until some events a couple of years ago jolted me back to reality. I never lost touch with the truth – I just didnt give it the honour and seriousness it merited, so that I could I speak the truth to others, and argue apologetics, but it had no power because of my lack of a day to day relationship with our awesome god.

I have been gently led back to the awesome reality of God’s love being dependent on his righteousness first, and your first CA101 session hammered that home. I feel like I have been mentored by the likes of you, Ray Comfort, your good friend Sye and the guys at CMI, and it has been a total blessing. The healing has begun. Thank you.

May God continue to bless you in all you do,
Mark, Wales, UK


You can still enroll in our live class and we will send you links to each class as well as enjoy our next two classes (April 3rd & 4th) together.


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