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Run and Hide

Why is it that so many people run and hide from the truth? I was having a twitter conversation with Steve known on twitter as @Steveufc and he retreated quickly from a simple question that would expose the truth of his arguments. See if you can see the problem here.

@erichovind Do you honestly expect intelligent people to believe what you preach? Unbelievable…. It blows my mind how ignorant you are.
9/18/11 6:15 PM
@Steveufc well that sounds real intelligent. Anything to back it up?
9/18/11 6:46 PM
@erichovind Hit me with any scientific claim that you make, and I will refute it.
9/18/11 7:07 PM
@Steveufc Yes or No: Is it possible that the God of the Bible could reveal Himself to us in a way that we can know it for certain?
9/20/11 1:03 AM
@erichovind What makes you so sure the God of the Bible is real? Why not the Torah or the Quran… Sillyness…
9/20/11 7:00 AM
@erichovind The God of the Bible obviously isn’t real, because God hasn’t committed infanticide, murder, rape, and incest unlike the Bible
9/20/11 7:02 AM
@Steveufc it was a yes or no question. Could the God of the Bible reveal himself to us so we can be certain?
9/20/11 8:35 AM
@erichovind No he can’t. Because he is not real.
9/20/11 10:00 AM
@Steveufc how do you know that an omnipotent God can’t do that?
9/20/11 7:08 PM
@erichovind What does omnipotent mean?
9/20/11 7:08 PM
@erichovind Natural Laws can’t be broken, ever. Therefore miracles never happened, they defy the laws of nature.
9/20/11 7:22 PM
@erichovind I think that is what omnipotent means right, like God can intervene anytime?
9/20/11 7:23 PM
@erichovind And when you say “who”, are you saying that your God is a Human?
9/20/11 7:24 PM
@Steveufc Omnipotent – Yes that is what it means, so could an omnipotent God reveal Himself to us?
9/20/11 7:45 PM
@erichovind According to the Laws of Nature, No.
9/20/11 7:48 PM
@Steveufc would an Omnipotent God be bound by the laws of nature?
9/20/11 8:22 PM
@erichovind If there was an Omnipotent God then no, but there is no evidence that miracles have ever happened
9/20/11 8:24 PM
@erichovind Observational evidence
9/20/11 8:29 PM
@erichovind Observational Science states that the Universe was not created, therefore there is no need for a creator God.
9/20/11 8:30 PM
@Steveufc Wow, you are really squirming to avoid this question aren’t you! IF SUCH A GOD EXISTED, COULD HE REVEAL HIMSELF? Yes or No?
9/20/11 9:22 PM

Then someone jumped in to help him out.

“@erichovind: would an Omnipotent God be bound by the laws of nature?” What about logic? Can an omnipotent god build a rock he can’t lift?
9/20/11 9:46 PM
@Perdnoot If you want God to be able to do the logically impossible then Yes he could make a rock so big he can’t lift it.
9/20/11 9:54 PM

I got no response from Steve to the last question.  I hope it is just because he went to bed early, but I suspect it is because answering that question would reveal that on his own, Steve is forced to say, “I don’t know anything”.

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