Share the Gospel through the Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon represents a HUGE problem for Christians. It is being used to teach more than 6.5 million people a year that the earth is millions of years old and that God did not create the Heavens and Earth! Creation Today knows how to solve this problem. Responses are already pouring in about the new film Scarred Earth, a film that shares Grand Canyon’s true story of how this Scarred Earth points to the Scarred Hands of Christ.

“As a Christian, I believe this will be very effective. It is well done and a manageable length to keep unbelievers watching the whole video. Thank you for doing this. I’ll be praying for the ministry.” – Jake

“This is so good! It has real substance scientifically, and at the same time, it’s faithful to the gospel.” – Ray Comfort

We are inviting you to be one of our Strategic Partners to share the Grand Canyon’s real story with more than 6.5 million people each year through a digital and billboard campaign that introduces the new FREE Documentary “Scarred Earth” to visitors/tourists that visit from around the world. It is time to take the Grand Canyon back from the Devil and use it for God’s Glory!!! Would you please pray about partnering with us as we fuel the project to reach millions? The opportunity to impact people with this film is HUGE.


I am asking fellow believers to get involved in this outreach opportunity to share the truth of the Grand Canyon with all 6.5 million people who visit this scar each year. We have a three-pronged approach that we believe will make an impact like no other.

  1. Digital Marketing: People searching for the Grand Canyon use a handful of keywords while trying to find out information about the canyon. Through a digital marketing campaign, we can target people that search for specific keywords about the Grand Canyon and Google will recommend the website This kind of target marketing successfully reaches visitors who are interested in the science of how the canyon formed and what it means for us today. We have already begun testing our digital marketing campaign and have a click rate of 10%. In the digital marketing world, that is AMAZING! Typical results are between 1% and 5%.
  2. Billboard Campaign: The drive up to the canyon takes a couple of hours. We would like to rent strategic billboard spaces that would excite passengers to watch the film on their way up to or away from the Grand Canyon. It is one of the most cost-effective ways we can reach millions of tourists with the truth of the canyon and the Gospel.
  3. Geofencing: Another way we would like to let people know about this film is through a geofencing campaign. A geofencing campaign targets people who enter a certain geographical area and lets them know about the opportunity to watch the new film on the Grand Canyon absolutely free.

With your partnership, we can have a huge influence at the #1 Natural Wonder of the World! Will you please prayerfully consider a partnership with Creation Today?

Join the HEROS of Creation Today and make a difference!

Fuel Creation Today for 2020: Goal – $250,000



If you are interested in going on one of our tours to the Grand Canyon you can get that information here:

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