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Do Creation Scientists Have the Answers? – Season 3 Episode 5

This show features interviews with Dr. Georgia Purdom, molecular geneticist from Answer in Genesis, and Dr. Andrew Fabich, microbiologist from Liberty University, both keynote speakers at the recent Answers in Genesis Mega Conference. Each of their scientific fields yields a treasure chest of documentation substantiating that God’s Word is literally true and scientifically accurate. What […]

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The Tower of Babel Season 3 – Episode 4

Where did all the people groups come from? Today’s show is about “The Tower of Babel” and the effect of that event in history. Eric Hovind and Paul Taylor once again interview Answers in Genesis speaker, writer and researcher Bodie Hodge, who has written a book entitled “The Tower of Babel”

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Journey to Peru—Day Five

Flying over the Nazca Lines Today our agenda is simple: Get to the Nazca airport, charter a plane, and fly over the Nazca lines to see some of the wonders that people of centuries ago left for us to observe. By 10 am, our hour-long flight was ready to depart and we cranked up the […]

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Journey to Peru—Day Four

Drive to Nazca: Aqueducts, gravesites, mummies, mission work. This morning we were up at 7:00 and had to be on the road at 8:00 to drive down to Nazca in the Altacama Desert, the driest place on the planet.  The trip was absolutely breathtaking as we drove from Pisco down to Nazca through the foothills of […]

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Journey to Peru—Day Three

Candelabra After a few hours of sleep, we began our day with a piece of bread and some instant coffee for breakfast. (Not complaining; it was complimentary!) We took the opportunity this morning to see one of the tourist attractions by chartering a boat to take us out across the Paracas Bay to the Isle […]

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Journey to Peru—Day One

Well guys, thanks for praying for me. I am in Pisco, Peru, enjoying a great adventure with a group on a scientific expedition. We spent the day traveling on Monday, got up this morning and took a tour of Lima, the capitol city. One of the stops was the square where the city was founded […]

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Wisdom teeth: Evidence that man lived longer

Today, it is estimated that 60% of Americans have trouble with their wisdom teeth; thus, many have them removed. Some of the problems may be related to our modern, softer diets. Evolutionists argue that wisdom teeth are proof for evolution. In actuality, they are evidence that man used to live longer, mature slower, and grow […]

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Why don’t creatures today look the same as pre-flood fossils?

Q: I was talking to my brother who believes evolution, and I explained the fossil/flood theory. He asked a very good question, which I wasn’t prepared to answer. He said, ”If this flood theory is correct, shouldn’t there be fossils from all other animals which we know today?” A: It is not true that the […]

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Fossils don’t talk!

Generally, the process of how fossils form is not in dispute. The questions of when they formed and how long it takes to fossilize are what is debated. Here are some basic points to remember. The earth has trillions of fossils Most animals alive today have been found as fossils The fossils are nearly identical […]

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Thoughts on the article “Oldest High-Altitude Settlements Discovered”

Discovery News reports, “Oldest High-Altitude Settlements Discovered.” Where do they come up with these wild numbers?! “Human settlements dating back up to 49,000 years … sealed in volcanic ash in Papua, New Guinea mountains … ” Wow! Where to start? Even after many years of clear demonstrations that the radiometric dating methods are loaded with […]

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