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Anti-Creationist Myths That Keep Returning

Our Facebook page recently contained a number of common challenges to the creation position. These sorts of questions are mostly copied and pasted from other forums, as the people who ask such questions are generally not interested in a logical response. Nevertheless, it might be instructive to include these as part of an article, in […]

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Feedback Friday 8/27/2010

Feedback Friday Vlog Science vs the Scientific Method Die writes in on the blog “Six Meanings of Evolution”: Here we go again. “Obviously no one explained to him that science means knowledge.” Because obiously, it doesn’t. Science is the method to aquire new knowledge. Die I believe you are confusing “Science” with the “Scientific Method.” […]

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How Do We Decide?

There are lots of opinions in the world about who is right and who is wrong on any subject. Richard Dawkins interviews Wendy Write for a video entitled “The Genius of Charles Darwin,” and was making the claim that there is overwhelming evidence to show that Evolutionism is the right view over Creationism.  As always, […]

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