Cultural Crisis

A movement to approve and endorse homosexual behavior has swept across our nation causing division in families, churches, and the political world. Many people have no idea how to address individuals who are pushing this agenda, let alone the agenda itself.


Enter Ray Comfort

Who doesn’t love Ray Comfort? Ok, there are a few atheists out there who say they don’t, but seriously, for the most part he is adored for his uncanny ability to have amazing conversations with complete strangers. Somehow the conversation ends up leading to the Gospel as Ray talks to just about everyone he meets about Christ. While conversing with homosexuals, he realized that often they were willing to listen to a loving person who really cared about them. These encounters led Ray to produce a brand new film called AudacityI previewed the film and was blown away. The script, the plot, the twists, and the witnessing encounters all work together as a tapestry to paint a beautiful masterpiece that shares the love of the Gospel. God will mightily use this film to reach millions with truth!

If you haven’t seen Living Waters’ Audacity trailer yet, you need to see it now. The full length movie is being made available via download July 24, and I wanted you to be the first to watch it, hoping you would partner with us to generate some great PR before Audacity hits YouTube in a few months.

View Trailer

How to Help

If you care about our nation’s culture and the cause of Christ, please do three things right now.

  1. Watch the Audacity trailer.
  2. Support Living Waters by pre-ordering an Audacity download today which you will receive June 24.
  3. Pray! Pray! Pray! This film will be seen by millions who have yet to trust Christ with their lives. Pray that the viewing of Audacity will be the defining moment when God will give people eyes to see and ears to hear.

When you pre-order the Audacity download now for $19.99 to be released to you June 24, not only will you support the outreach of this film, but you will be able to watch the movie two months before its release on YouTube. As a thank you from Living Waters, you will also receive:

  • “Behind the Scenes” video (30-min. MP4)
  • Love Can’t Stay Silent” music video (5-min. MP4)
  • Audacity: A Novel eBook (emailed to you upon its release)



Thank you for partnering with us to reach people, right where they are with Gospel truth!

For God’s Glory,