In my biology class at Tennessee Temple University, I sat next to a young man from China named Daniel. During the entire first semester as he listened to the lectures, he would make paper swans — cute little origami swans. Some were so small that they could fit on the end of an eraser. I asked him why he kept making them and he told me that he was going to get engaged when he got back home. With a big smile on his face, he pulled out a picture of his girlfriend and showed it to me. I teased him by saying, “There is no way she will say yes to you,” then I asked, “What are the swans for?” He said that one tradition in China is to provide 5,000 origami swans as a symbol of your love. I thought WOW! That has to take some time. He had been working on them for eight months. I was really impressed and hoped that his labor was not in vain, if you know what I mean!






Well, I was reminded of Daniel last night as I watched a show on origami. I was blown away by how far people have taken the practice. The work is done with a simple sheet of paper, no scissors, no tape — only folding. Absolutely astounding! The minds that are putting these pieces together are brilliantly creative. Anybody would look at these folded pieces of paper and marvel at the incredible design; thus, there must be an incredible designer. Yet there are some who look at the human body that is designing these beautiful works of art, and suggest these bodies were not designed. They believe the minds that created these incredible images are just the product of random chance.

Truly, it is the fool that has said in his heart there is no God.