High School SciencePrentice Hall’s High School Biology textbook contains the following quote:

During his travels, Darwin made numerous observations and collected evidence that led him to propose a revolutionary hypothesis about the way life changes over time. That hypothesis, now supported by a huge body of evidence, has become the theory of evolution.[1]

Hyperbolic comments, in other contexts, can often be ignored. Think of the advice you give to your daughter when she comes home from school, having been told by a nasty classmate “everybody thinks you’re ugly!” You tell her that not everybody does—because you don’t—and even if everybody did, everybody would be wrong.

So where is the huge body of evidence? It doesn’t exist. Once we realize that most of the supposed evidence for evolution is actually evidence for speciation and adaptation, rather than molecules-to-man evolution, and that the rest is merely speculation, we see that there is no actual evidence for evolution. But the use of the phrase “huge body of evidence” is designed to intimidate the young people using this textbook. If such a huge body of evidence exists, then I must be really stupid not to believe it all, even though I don’t actually know any of this evidence.

In fact, the use of the phrase “huge body of evidence” is actually a tangible admission on the part of evolutionists that they have no real evidence at all.


[1] Miller, K.R. and Levine, J. (2002), Biology, (Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Education), p369, emphasis added