>>>The Moon is Shrinking!

The Moon is Shrinking!

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The Shrinking Moon

In a recent article on Fox News, a new study has shown that our moon is shrinking because of internal cooling.

According to the study, there has been about 328 feet (100 meters) of change in the moon’s radius over the course of about one billion years, says Thomas Watters.

He found that the lobate scarps (physical markers of contraction on the lunar surface) were small and narrow—the largest ones being no more than 6.2 miles (10 km) in length. Their pristine appearance was also a good indication of their young age.

“We don’t see any impact craters superimposed on them,” Watters says. “They have not been partially obliterated by impact craters that have hit them, so this tells us that they are very young.”

The Moon is Young

So the evidence indicates the moon is shrinking. Great research, great observations, but partially wrong conclusions!  Jump, frog, jump! (See Seminar part 4) I would agree that the “lobate scarps” are most likely evidence of lunar shrinkage. I would also agree that the fact they have not been “obliterated by impact craters” indicates they are young. I would also agree that they are most likely indicators that the moon’s interior is cooling. I would disagree with the author’s premise that the moon is billions of years old.

I would suggest that anyone interested in the craters on the moon or the source of the moon’s internal heat read carefully Walt Brown’s excellent book In The Beginning. If the moon’s craters (and consequent internal heat from the impacts) are a result of debris hitting it at the time of Noah’s flood (see Seminar part 6) then it would be predictable that the cooling and these cracks would come AFTER that event about 4,400 years ago. Whether the moon’s internal heat is from impacts or not, it still indicates a young age for the moon. “I have a theory about that …” (see Seminar part 1). God created everything in the universe (Exo. 20:11) about 6,000 years ago just like God’s Word clearly teaches. This recent finding is just more scientific evidence that God’s Word has been true all along.

I pray these NASA folks keep studying to learn the true origin of the moon.

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