The article “Deceived by the Morpho-saurs” (July 31, 2010) in New Scientist magazine reveals several serious problems evolutionists have frequently overlooked. The author admits that the number of dinosaurs may be greatly exaggerated (I agree!) since some dinosaurs change shapes so radically as they grow that they now have different species names for the same dinosaur at different stages of its life. If they had only been found as fossils and not alive, no one would ever think the caterpillar and the butterfly were the same animal!

Several simple points need to be made from the article.

  1. Much speculation has gone into the study of dinosaurs, so everyone needs to hold to what they believe loosely and be willing to change as new evidence comes to light.
  2. There were probably many fewer dinosaurs than are currently listed in the books. (So Noah had even less of a problem getting two of the various KINDS on the ark—babies no doubt—just be sure to get a pink one and a blue one.) Just as all 400+ varieties of dogs, foxes, wolves, coyotes, maybe jackals, and other dog-like animals probably came from two of the dog “kind” on Noah’s ark, probably all the dinosaurs came from just 30 or so basic “kinds” in the Garden of Eden.  See The Garden of Eden.
  3. There is a strong tendency in various fields of science to greatly exaggerate the importance of your research (to keep grant money flowing; see 1 Tim. 6:10). A person who spends hundreds of hours and millions of dollars digging bones out of the dirt wants others to think what they have done is important. My dog did the same thing but for different motives.
  4. I will predict these same scientists who have discovered and dared to report on the “fewer than they thought” number of dinosaurs will NEVER dare to even consider the thought that the dinosaurs are also “younger than they thought”—like maybe 4,400 years? (Buried by Noah’s flood!)
  5. Just as a dinosaur’s  skull shape changes as they age, so does a human’s.  Neanderthals were just normal humans who reached advance ages; maybe even several hundred years. See the great research by Dr. Jack Cuozzo in his book Buried Alive.
  6. I further predict that these same researchers who warn against “misunderstanding evolutionary relationships” will not even consider the idea that the similarities found in various life forms might just mean they have a common DESIGNER rather than a common ancestor.
  7. I further predict that the same God Who created this amazing world and then came down as a man to redeem His creation will be REALLY upset with lots of people who refused to give Him His glory and praise for His creation!

DON’T be in that crowd!  Every knee will bow (see Phil. 2:10). I recommend you do it now—voluntarily. God loves you and wants you to be saved.