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I received this email from Robert, one of the new 476  Creation Today partners. He “hit the nail on the head” when he shared why he wanted to jump on board with our 1 of 5ooo campaign. I just have to share it with you.

What it is all about

From Robert:

I have been wanting to participate in the 1 of 5K since I saw it, but I have procrastinated — until today. I was reading an article about the common factors that keep youth in church. Below the article, a girl posted a comment saying she left the church because of evolution and the silly non-scientific belief of creationism.  Her comment really made me sad that she was not equipped with the intellectual arguments that you provide.

While I realize that she is probably afraid of being ridiculed, maybe if she had been given your resources, that knowledge would have prevented her from leaving the church and enabled her to grow into a more trusting relationship with God and His Word.

I am so proud of what God has done through you in your ministry. I am ready to be 1 of 5000!

Between 66 and 85% of freshmen students that claim to be Christians will loose their faith in God and the Bible over the next few months at secular universities. What is their problem? They don’t have a solid foundation upon which to stand. Thankfully, there is hope! Please go to the 1 of 5000 website and read the stories of the lives that have been changed because of this powerful message. Then, get involved yourself and make a difference in eternity!


Thank you for stoping by and thanks for your prayers.

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BTW:  I will be speaking at the upcoming Creation Mega Conference where they will have the World Premere of Evolution vs God hosted by Answers in Genesis. I would love to see you there!  Click on the picture for more information.

Answers Mega Conference 2013


One more thought!  Have you seen this project that we are working on? I would love for you to get involved with it.

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