>>>There is No Such Thing as “Gay Marriage”

There is No Such Thing as “Gay Marriage”

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Illinois Same Sex MarriageOn Wednesday the 20th of November, Gov. Pat Quinn of Illinois was at the University of Illinois in Chicago to celebrate and sign into law the same sex marriage bill. This seems to be the trend in many states as more and more states give way to the morally relative ideas of Humanism. There is one glaring problem with these bills. They are trying to redefine the word “marriage.”

This thought made me doodle a little on a napkin. I call them my “Napkin Thoughts.”


When I posted this picture on my Facebook page, not surprisingly, it sparked quite the debate with many people on both sides of the issue chiming in on my thoughts. Here are a few that I enjoyed.

Christians who ignore the verses about slavery/working on the sabbath while harping on the verses about homosexuality are doing so because of their own personal feelings about homosexuality. Laundering your bigotry through a holy book doesn’t magically make it okay.

– Jeremy Eccles

Let’s just skip over the fact that Jeremy is trying to relate the slavery discussed in the Bible with the slavery that we think of here in America. Jeremy is still missing the point. I do not think this way because of my own personal feelings. I am pointing out that the very definition of the word is being manipulated in order to make it sound like it could  be plausible. I think Nathan explained it pretty well.

Separating man and woman from marriage is like separating sodium and chloride. Remove either chemical from the equation and it’s not salt anymore. It’s lost its saltiness and is good for nothing. Remove either man or woman from the equation of marriage, and it’s not marriage. Calling it “gay marriage” is like having a water bottle filled with nothing but oxygen and calling it water. Sorry, but you’re missing part of the equation.

– Nathan Hoffman

Redefining “Marriage” to include “Gay” really is like redefining the word circle to include square. It is attempting to change the entire concept of marriage. When we leave the absolute standard set forth by God’s word, we are in big trouble. Please pray for God’s people to turn from their wicked ways. The world over needs to hear from heaven.

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