Wisdom Teeth

The existence of wisdom teeth may very well take top dishonors as an alleged proof of evolution in the form of a vestigial human body part. It is stated that at one time in our alleged evolution we had more room in our mouths. It also has been suggested that we had to chew more than we do today. Both of these statements may be plausible, however they do not prove or even suggest that we are evolving. These teeth still function for chewing and are by no means useless or vestigial. The lack of space in the mouths of certain people – and by no means all people – is a consequence of the degeneration of the human race in regard to both genetics and lifestyles. This is quite contrary to the concept of evolution, which implies that we are improving and adding features.

Dr Cuozzo’s Research

Jack Cuozzo, a creationist orthodontist, did a thorough study of the skulls of so-called Neanderthals. His conclusion was that the Neanderthals were from a time when human beings had much longer life spans, developed and grew much slower, and were of superior strength, and possibly intelligence, if their larger brain capacities are an indication of this. Biblically-based theories of the degeneration of the human race are supported by evidence provided through genetic decline. The problems often caused by wisdom teeth are further evidence of this generation. Cuozzo’s discussion explanation for the problems that are common with wisdom teeth in modern times may be a consequence of an increased consumption of growth hormones in foods, and due to the heavy emphasis on cooked foods that require less chewing.1 Due to less chewing, jaw muscles will develop less size. This is an environmental factor, not an evolutionary one. Evidence of this is found all over the world. People who do more chewing due to raw diets, and who are not fed the huge amounts of growth hormones that western cultures are given, have few problems with lack of space for wisdom teeth.

Dr. Morris’s Research

John D. Morris cites several other possible causes of wisdom tooth problems that have been suggested. These include poor nutrition, improper hygiene, and improper sleeping position in infants. Assuming that our not using these teeth means that they are useless is absurd. It is like saying the brains of evolutionary scientists are useless vestigial organs just because they do not use them. The theories of these creation scientists is strongly supported by the research published by the Price-Pottinger Foundation. The research of Weston Price demonstrated that cultures which consume wholesome diets that include an abundance of raw foods and no processed foods exhibit a sinificant reduction in dental problems. They had no cavities, and few if any problems with crooked teeth or tooth crowding within the mouth. This shows that overcrowding in the mouth, and subsequent problems with wisdom teeth, is connected with the degeneracy of modern man. The modern world has not only strayed from God’s plan for us in regard to our moral behavior, but in regard to everything else that we do. Modern man’s lifestyle, music, art, clothing, and food is all unnatural and synthetic. A price must be paid for such rebellion. Part of that price is poor health, which includes poor dental health. Once again, the stupidity of evolutionists is by no means harmless. Listening to such follies as their teaching that wisdom teeth no longer have a use leads to poorer health and shortened lives.

  1. Buried Alive by Dr. Jack Cuozzo