Discovery News reports, “Oldest High-Altitude Settlements Discovered.” Where do they come up with these wild numbers?! “Human settlements dating back up to 49,000 years … sealed in volcanic ash in Papua, New Guinea mountains … ” Wow! Where to start? Even after many years of clear demonstrations that the radiometric dating methods are loaded with flaws and assumptions (see Seminar Part 7), they continue to trust them! When lava from Mount St. Helens was tested, it yielded five different ages ranging from 380,000 to 2,800,000 years. None of the five test results were the same and none were right!  IT had just erupted!

Age and evidence

I agree that evidence of campsites on these mountains has been found. Evidence of human activity is often pretty easy to determine. In the case of stone tools, it is obvious that some human designed the tool for a particular use, such as hunting, cutting, scrapping or grinding. Why can’t these same researchers see that the entire universe, the world, the human body and every plant and animal on the planet is SCREAMING at us, “I WAS DESIGNED”? Peter had it right. In the last days, scoffers would be “willingly ignorant” (II Peter 3:3—9).  What is unbelievable are those who can’t or won’t see the obvious evidence of design all around us and choose to believe in random-chance evolution instead!

God designed the world and will soon come to be the Judge. I suggest you get ready for that trial—ASAP! Don’t be fooled by all the propaganda about millions of years. It’s sooner than you think. See our Seminar series to vaccinate you and your children against the dangerous disease that is evolution. It’s free to watch on our website.