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“Time” is evolution’s god

The general theory of evolution is based on several faulty assumptions. (Note: It is important to understand by this statement that we are not disputing simple variations that some call “microevolution,” whose micro-changes are often observed but never lead to a fundamentally different kind of plant or animal.) The following assumptions of evolutionary theory are easily proven false:

  • The universe is billions of years old.
  • Life spontaneously arose from non living minerals.
  • Mutations create or improve a species.
  • Natural selection has creative power.

If, in fact, it could be demonstrated that the universe is not billions of years old, all other arguments about evolution become meaningless and unnecessary.

In children’s fairy tales, we are told
frog + magic spell
(usually a kiss) = prince.

In modern “science” textbooks we are told
frog + time = prince.

The same basic fairy tale is being promoted in textbooks today, but the new magic potion cited is time. When the theory of evolution is discussed, time is the panacea for all the thousands of problems that arise.

In nearly all discussions and debates about evolution that I have held at universities and colleges, I ask the evolutionists how certain things could have evolved by chance. Their answer is nearly always “Given enough time…” Time is the evolutionists’ god. Time is able to accomplish anything the evolutionists can propose. Time can easily turn a frog into a prince. Time can create matter from nothing and life from matter. According to evolutionists, time can create order from chaos.

If time were to be removed from the above equation, the following three results would occur:

  • The obvious impossibility of evolution would be clearly seen.
  • Evolutionists would scream like a baby whose pacifier has been pulled out because they know that if time is removed, the silliness of their religion (evolution is religion, not science) will be exposed.
  • Creation would become the only reasonable alternative explanation for the existence of this complex universe.
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