Join Eric and Ben for an inside look at the Answers for Pastors Conference. Interviews with Dr. Al Mohler and Ken Ham give highlights from the event’s hot topics. Hear the sage advice of seasoned men of God explain what our culture needs to bring true revival.

Check out the Full Interview with Ken Ham for more insight.

Our country is changing. There is no doubt about it. Anyone paying attention can see that it is getting darker and darker as we go along. But have you ever stopped and wondered why?

This year, Ben and Eric were thrilled to attend the Answers for Pastors Conference at the AiG Creation Museum in Kentucky. Spending three days with hundreds of pastors and leaders confirmed the need for solid, Biblical teaching — starting at the very beginning.

Dr. Al Mohler, president of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, spoke on the Moral Revolution, as evidenced by the cultural shifts in our country. Surprisingly, he didn’t spend time reading headlines or quoting mainstream media, instead he expounded on the formula given us in Romans chapter one. From those verses we see that the moral revolution is not a new one, but an old problem which continues to resurface throughout all of history.

In fallen humanity, there is no position of moral neutrality.
Mankind is actively suppressing God’s truth.

But we’re not talking about just a moral change. Culture, by and large, is experiencing a turning upside-down of some of the most important things of life. By redefining marriage, which is the central molecular unit of society, our culture is intentionally revolutionizing the society. Mohler went on to explain the three stages of moral revolution and how we are seeing this happening in front of our eyes:

First something is Condemned; then it is Affirmed,
and then those who will not affirm it are Condemned.

As CEO of Answers in Genesis, Ken Ham spoke to the collective message of error that the world is giving of “Big Bang, Billions of years, molecules-to-man evolution.” While the world has their message down, the church is the one giving a confused message by attempting to take the unified view of man and fit it into the Bible, rather than finding unity in the Word of God.

For if the trumpet give an uncertain sound,
who shall prepare himself to the battle? (1 Corinthians 14:8)

While a literal 6-Day Creation is certainly not a salvation issue, it is a foundational issue to the Gospel and, more importantly, Genesis is the Word of God.

If the devil can get someone to doubt the Word of God,
then he can get them to doubt the God of the Word.

We need to be like the Patriarch Job and repent for thinking that we know better than God. Only when we bring people back to God and His Word, will His Spirit bring revival.

Please consider sending your pastor to next year’s Answers for Pastors Conference where they will be blessed and encouraged by the teaching and the fellowship of other pastors in this beautiful and educational setting.