Well guys, thanks for praying for me. I am in Pisco, Peru, enjoying a great adventure with a group on a scientific expedition. We spent the day traveling on Monday, got up this morning and took a tour of Lima, the capitol city. One of the stops was the square where the city was founded in 1535 by the Spanish conquistador Francisco Pizarro.

The second stop was the San Francisco Monastery and Catacombs where there are the remains of some 25,000 people buried under the cathedral. It was interesting to learn that the priests and “donors” got to be buried closest to the temple!

The highlight of the day has to be the Museo Larco Museum in Lima.  It was founded in 1926 by Rafael Larco Hoyle and has the largest private collection of pre-Columbian artifacts—more than 45,000 ceramics with 4000-plus years of history. It is there that we discovered some incredible artifacts. Can’t wait to let you see what we found there!

Tonight we are in the fishing town of Pisco, and believe me, you can tell from the smell of driving into town that fishing is the main occupation! We are staying in a small hotel for a few hours of rest, then it’s off on a boat tomorrow to see some more ancient artifacts.

More info as the adventure continues ….