The Discovery News article, “Tyrannosaurus Rex Was a Cannibal,” provides a great teachable moment for those with open minds. The author claims T-rex was a cannibal because there were large teeth marks on a T-rex bone and T-rex “is known to have been the only big carnivore in western North America 65 million years ago.”

First of all, teeth marks don’t prove cannibalism. They could also be defensive marks from fighting each other. Male hippos have huge scars all over their body from fighting other males, not because they are eating each other. The T-rex may have been fighting for high ground that became scarce as the flood waters rose. It probably took several months to flood the world completely (see Seminar #6).

Second, every animal was vegetarian in the original creation 6,000 years ago (see Genesis 1:29-30). After the flood, God told Noah he could eat meat (Genesis 9). Of course, the men and animals may have disobeyed God’s dietary command after the fall even before the flood. The flood came because of their disobedience. I don’t know any way to prove they remained vegetarian until the flood came.

Third, all animals and plants were created in six days (see Exodus 20:11), about 6,000 years ago (see Seminar #1). So the idea of T-rex being the “only big … 65 million years ago” is illogical. Nothing died before man sinned (see Romans 5:8 and I Corinthians 15:21). Don’t let the constant propaganda about evolution and “millions of years ago” fool you: God’s Word is 100% true!

And last, it is easy to see how people who have accepted the evolution “religion” become “willingly ignorant” just as Peter predicted in II Peter 3. They are willingly ignorant of the creation; admitting there was a Creator might mean He owns the place and has rules! They ignore the flood because that demonstrates that He has authority to judge His creation and they are ignorant of the coming judgment.

The scoffers can bury their head in the sand all they like but God’s judgment is coming fast and sure. It would be very wise to find out who the Creator is and find out what He wants and DO WHAT HE SAYS!  He is not willing that any perish (II Peter 3:9). He loves you but is angry with your sin. He provided ONE way out for mankind. See our “How to be Saved” article.

I, for one, wouldn’t miss Heaven for the world!