How I learned about Unshakable

Three years ago I met Kevin Conover and discovered his ministry, Educate for Life. God knit our hearts together almost immediately with our passion to stop the tidal wave of students turning their backs on Christianity. I was blown away at Kevin’s curriculum he was developing for his students at San Diego Christian School. After teaching at the school and interacting with the students, I could not believe how well versed they were in defending their faith. (I go to a lot of Christian schools and believe me, that is not usually the case.)

You see, 10 years ago when Kevin started teaching, there was no “Apologetic Curriculum” for high school students or homeschoolers that brought together a concise understanding of Creation vs Evolution, how we know the Bible is true, which religion is the right one, and what it looks like to apply the Bible to culture. That is what made Kevin start pulling videos, articles, interviews, and books from hundreds of different places and assembling them together to make the most amazing apologetic curriculum that has ever been taught!

Last year we began filming the classes so that we could make this amazing curriculum available to you. Praise God! We now have Semester 1 of Unshakable available on a brand new website called and students are already enrolling to make their faith Unshakable!

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