Pensacola now knows how Noah started to feel when the rain began coming down and the floods started coming up. In the last 24 hours we have received nearly 27″ of rain and the flooding here is quite intense. This was only 24 hours of rain while Noah had 40 days and 40 nights of rain. Go watch Noah The Movie to learn more about that event!

Here is a video update I posted on my Facebook Page last night.



Our number one concern is safety. Two people drowned in their vehicles trying to pass through water that was too deep. In the same way, Creation Today’s number one concern for people is the safety of their spiritual lives. Seeing people pass from this life to the next without accepting the truth of Jesus Christ breaks our hearts.

Most people, including those living in Pensacola, slept with no idea how bad the flooding was until they woke up this morning. While I was out in the middle of the storm last night, checking on people and houses, I couldn’t help but think of all the people who were sleeping with no idea what was going on around them. In the same way, many Christians are ignorant of the devastation going on around them.  Some of their own friends and family are falling victim to the humanistic philosophy that permeates our society. America’s entire education system, based on that Godless viewpoint, teaches the damaging religion of evolution to nearly 40 million students a year.

I watched helplessly as drivers, even after seeing the danger and the cars that were window-deep in water, continued to try to drive through the flooded road, only to be stranded by the same flood waters. This reminded me of people who know the danger of sin, but continue to run right into it. Why don’t we heed the warnings that God has laid out in Scripture and seek to live according to God’s truth?

As for the Creation Today Ministry, we are praising God that the ministry buildings did not flood; however, we are out of power and the power glitches caused us to lose over a week’s worth of rendering on the Genesis 3D Movie. Also, several of our staff’s homes experienced some flooding. Please pray for the people who serve with us and for those in Pensacola who are experiencing major damage.

I took these pictures last night just a block away from my house and about a mile from the Creation Today offices.

These photos were taken this morning when the rain finally stopped.

Here is an update from this morning after the rain stopped.

Thank you so much for your prayers. We will continue to use every opportunity to serve others and spread the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Thanks for reading and thanks for praying.

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BTW: This flooding in Pensacola reminded me that we are going to see one of the most amazing evidences of the world wide flood during the Grand Canyon Trip at the end of this month. Memorial Day Weekend we are hosting a 4 day trip of a life time to the Grand Canyon. We would love for you to join us but registration ends on Friday May 2nd.

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