Today is the start of early voting for those of us in Florida. So, I started thinking: Have you ever experienced one of those times when something happens and it’s not funny, but you laugh hysterically? At the birthday party I attended on Saturday a little two-year-old boy named Sean walked right in front of a nine-year-old boy swinging on a swing. The swing was at just the right height to perform a clothesline style move better than WWF fans have ever seen. Let’s just say little Sean was not a happy camper after that experience, but surprisingly it wasn’t one minute later that he was laughing and having fun again, ready to run back in front of the same swing. Thankfully his mother was there to make sure that didn’t happen.

Watching that story unfold reminded me of America. God allows something to happen that brings our nation to its knees, and forces us to cry out to Him. Then, just a few short days, or months, or years later, we are back running after the same thing that brought us to our knees. America, do we really want to be a socialist state? Do we really want to exchange our freedoms, our liberty, our land, and our children’s future, for which men and women have paid the ultimate sacrifice to give to us, for a little bit of comfort right now? Are we willing to let our few representatives and senators vote America to its knees?

I want to encourage you to do something that will matter this election season. Find out who is running to represent you. Learn who will be the best, then tell others to vote for that person and the reasons for it.