Evolutionists teach that the earth was a boiling hot, molten mass that slowly cooled down over millions of years. The Bible says in Genesis chapter 1 that “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth…and the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.” So the surface of the earth was covered with water; it could not have been a hot, molten mass.

There is scientific evidence to support the biblical account. Robert Gentry of Knoxville, Tennessee does amazing research on radio-polonium halos in granite rock. Polonium is a rare element that is radioactive. It breaks down or decays like uranium, but polonium only lasts a few minutes. As it breaks down, it sends off little particles that fly a certain distance. An analogy would be a fireworks display that produces a sphere of fragments that only lasts a fraction of a second before it collapses. Different elements have fragments that fly different distances, each radioactive element has a particular “signature” (how big a circle it can make in the rock as it decays like a more powerful fireworks rocket would produce a bigger sphere in the air). Radioactive polonium, when it decays in a solid rock, makes a perfect sphere as it decays, because all its fragments fly about the same distance from the center. If it decays in solid rock, the circle is preserved. But if it decays in a hot molten rock, the circle disappears. All over the world radio-polonium halos exist in granite, indicating the earth was never a hot, molten mass.1

It is also interesting that Gentry’s research was published in many major science magazines until someone realized that it was proving the big bang theory to be a big dud. The censorship of his valuable material by mainstream science magazines is incredible but predictable. Evolution is a very carefully protected state religion in this humanist world today.

  1. Creation’s Tiny Mystery by Robert Gentry or www.halos.com