God’s Journey for Mankind ​T-Shirt​s​!

Eric and TanyaI was privileged to have my wife accompany me flying to a meeting in Green Bay, Wisconsin. I wore my Creation Today t-shirt that boldly proclaims God’s journey for mankind since 4000 BC. You wouldn’t believe the looks I got from passengers as I walked on the plane sporting this t-shirt. It definitely provided great conversation-starting material.

One guy turned to his wife and sneered, “Look at that idiot!” But more often than not, I heard people tout, “I love your shirt!”

You, too, can boldly proclaim “God’s Journey for Mankind” with me and engage in conversations that glorify our Creator, God!

Thanks for being a part of Creation Today!


Do you have a group photo wearing your God’s Journey for Mankind T-shirts? The next group to submit a photo of 5 or more people will make it as the cover photo on the Creation Today Facebook page! Let’s take a stand together. (Submit photos to kkelso@creationtoday.org)