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What about the ozone hole and R-12 refrigerants?

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Ozone Hole?

There is not an ozone problem that man has created. Ozone is a natural gas, which is produced when sunlight strikes the atmosphere. O3, ozone, is poisonous, but it does filter out radiation. In the upper atmosphere, the ozone layer protects us; it’s a barrier. Ozone is absent from the North and South Poles because the sun never strikes those areas directly, but at such an oblique angle that it does not produce ozone. It’s normal to have an ozone hole in these areas.

What about R-12?

R-12 does destroy ozone, but the R-12 from our refrigerators and air conditioners never rises high enough to destroy atmospheric ozone. R-12 sinks; it doesn’t rise. Even convection currents would not carry man-made R-12 to the ozone layer in 100 years, which is a longer time than man has been using it. Man has done almost nothing to the ozone. In fact, the last time scientists measured the ozone layer, it was thicker than it was the first time they measured it. While there is no question man has abused the environment, there may be a hidden agenda behind the modern hype.1

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