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What are unicorns?

The Bible mentions this creature six times in Numbers 23:22, 24:8; Job 39:9-10 and Psalms 29:6; 92:10. Perhaps all the pictures of horses with horns have been so embedded in our minds that we cannot get them out. Scripture mentions the unicorn’s great strength, aversion to man, and untrainability. Horses are domestic animals that train well; reptiles are wild animals with small brains that don’t train well, if at all.

If we could start fresh and read what the Bible says about unicorns, we might find that a stocky strong reptile like the Triceratops or Monoclonius would fit the description much better. We have all seen so many pictures of a horse with a horn that it’s doubtful we will be able to clear our minds and think about this subject without bias. We will have to wait and ask God that question.

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