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What Is Biblical Hermeneutics? Season 4 Episode 6

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Should Christians judge Atheists and Evolutionists? How often have you heard someone take scripture out of context to make their point? How do you discern false interpretations of scripture? Guest Chris Rosebrough of PirateChristianRadio.com gives vital guidelines for interpreting scripture, for detecting false interpretations, and for understanding Biblical truth. Gain needed ammunition for Battleship Apologetics with Biblical Hermeneutics!

Extended Interview with Chris Rosebrough

Chris Rosebrough of PirateChristianRadio.com, shares his personal testimony of how God called him to his unique ministry. Chris lists the ways Scripture is most often taken out of context and examines motives behind these misinterpretations. Learn about progressive revelation application and see how the Scriptures all point to Jesus Christ!

About the Author:

Eric Hovind grew up immersed in the world of apologetics and following college graduation in 1999, he began full-time ministry. President and Founder of Pensacola-based organization, Creation Today, Eric’s passion to reach people with the life-changing message of the Gospel has driven him to speak in five foreign countries and all fifty states. He lives in Pensacola, Florida with his wife Tanya and three children and remains excited about the tremendous opportunity to lead an apologetics ministry in the war against evolution and humanism.