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Where are all the bones of the humans that drowned in the Flood?

There are several possible reasons for few human fossils:

  1. God made the world full of plants and animals but only two people. Sixteen hundred years later the world was still full of plants and animals but still not full of people. There were not as many of them to be drowned.
  2. Man, being smarter than animals, would have figured out a way to avoid drowning until the last possible moment by making makeshift rafts or holding on to floating logs. Tending to be deposited on top rather than in the sediments, he would not fossilize. For example, millions of bison were slaughtered in the West a century ago; yet few, if any, fossilized. They were left on top to rot, bones and all.
  3. Since so many researchers have the preconceived (and false) idea that man has been evolving from small and dumb to big and smart, they may tend to not even recognize and properly identify bone fragments of humans that may have been huge by today’s standards. Their prejudice is that ancient man was smaller, despite evidence for giant humans.1

In spite of the above problems, Marvin Lubenow, an expert on human fossils and author of Bones of Contention, states that about 4,000 human fossil remains have been found.
The evolutionist has a serious problem with this same question. If man has really been here for millions of years there should be many thousands, if not millions, of fossils of their bones like we have of the animals. The “Where are the bones?” question is really more of a question for the evolutionist to answer if he expects taxpayers to support his religion in the school system.

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