>>>Whirlwind Trip to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania!

Whirlwind Trip to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania!

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My Face on A Billboard and an amazing story from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania!

This past weekend, Pastor Gerry Stoltzfoos of Freedom Valley Church extended the opportunity for us to speak 5 times in 24 hours! To advertise the meeting, this church went all-out by putting up a billboard that even impressed Sye Ten Bruggencate! We were blown away that people drove 2.5 hours to come to the meetings. God blessed as we preached and following the Saturday night message, The Mind of the Skeptic, several people trusted Christ as their Savior, and others were emboldened in their conviction and courage to stand up for their faith.

Freedom Valley Church Billboard

Freedom Valley Church Billboard

Here are highlights from a testimony we received from our time ministering in Pennsylvania.

While listening to you speak all weekend, I was just blown away by God’s hugeness. (Ha, ha! I’m not sure that’s even a word.) I bought several of your messages from the table, and one of them was “Proof Of God.” I watched it last night, and it caused me to hunger so much after God in a way I never hungered after Him before. I didn’t care about anything else, I just wanted Him.

I grew up in an amazing, strong Christian home, went to Bible college, and did all the right stuff. I knew about God before I learned how to read and write. But this message made me realize that I didn’t know what I would say if someone asked me why I believed in God. Yes, I could share my testimony and spit out facts, but deep down inside, I still had doubts that God was even real.

I realized after watching this video that God is real, and God is truth. I had always wanted to be open-minded so people couldn’t say I was a “close-minded Christian.” But your example of 2+2=4 and there’s no other right answer, made me see that when you KNOW the truth of God, you HAVE to be close minded about it.

You taught and challenged us so much this weekend in a way that didn’t make us feel stupid. I truly appreciated your admonition about HOW we speak to others about the truth. “People are spiritually blind. Why would you make fun of someone who is blind and falls over? We need to speak the truth, in LOVE and kindness.” Like you said, “Truly, we can’t know anything, unless we know the One who knows everything AND HE CAN’T LIE! Without God, we know absolutely NOTHING!”

Thank you for traveling to Gettysburg!

In historical Gettysburg, they are preparing for the 150th anniversary of the delivery of the Gettysburg Address by President Lincoln on November 19, 1863. What a sobering reminder of the price of our nation’s freedom. Today, I am again thankful, for the freedoms we still have to preach the Word of God to a world desperately in need of revival.

Pastor Gary has a heart for revival, for reaching the lost with the Gospel and teaching them the truth from the very foundation. Their church has been involved in over 70 church plants in the surrounding areas and now, they’re involved in church planting worldwide! I am so thankful for Pastor Garry’s stand on biblical authority and for leading his church to plant churches worldwide that do the same! Go Freedom Valley!

Thanks for stoping by and thanks for reading.

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