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Who do you think God is?

G.K. Chesterton once said:

“What comes into our minds when we think about God is the most important thing about us.”

What is it that comes into your mind when you think about God? Is it the Creator God that does all things for Himself and His glory? Or is it a God you have designed to make yourself happy? Are you serving the one true God or have you made up a god to suit your own needs?

You see, believing something that is not true may make you feel good now, but is not beneficial in the long run.

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10 Responses to Who do you think God is?

  1. Don Carr November 22, 2010 at 9:44 am #

    God is often defined as the infinite mind force behind all creation that ever was, is, and ever will be. Ho Own Kai, Ho En kai, Ho Erchomenos (in Greek)

    Evidence that one is participating with the councils of the true God would include ongoing successful repentance that leads to the restoration of ones mind, clarity of mind, physical healing, detachment from worldly systems and things, a Child’s longing for a more loving Father, tears shed for a fallen world, a sense that ones fate has shifted and greater forces are leading ones life, a small voice within, humility etc.

    These are the latter days, one can reasonably expect to feel great surges of energy from within and without as ones body is being prepared to be removed from this fallen space. Just one member of a congregation operating on the 7th ray of Light would electrify and benefit a congregation – without a word being spoken, just by presence alone.

    Unfortunately Lucifur has light powers and they can make people “feel good” in some way, but it is the drunkenness spoken of in the bible. The Holy Spirit is sobering.

    To spot a good Christian? Try looking to Isaiah 53, Christ would be considered to be a drunken broken demon posessed man by many, yet he waged a spiritual war and won.

    Luke 18:19
    Jesus said to him:”Why do you call me good? Nobody is good except one, God.”

    TOVIYAHU (Hebrew for – God is good)

  2. Cyndi Darden November 22, 2010 at 9:54 am #

    When I think about God the first thing that comes to my mind is Holy and Awesome God who created all that is and who keeps it all together. He is truly above my highest thought of Him.. and that thought humbles me and causes me to worship Him and seek His presence. I don’t have the proper words to describe Him.. Omniscient, Omnipresent, Omnipotent, Eternal, Sovereign, God who loves simple, sinful me… cannot begin to express what my heart feels when I spend time contemplating .. God who is alone worthy of all praise. The God I serve is far and away above our highest understanding..more Holy than I can think holy to be.. He is truly able to do more than I can ever imagine.. “Now all glory to God, who is able, through his mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think” Eph 3:20 (NLT)

  3. Don Carr November 22, 2010 at 10:19 am #

    Perhaps some readers would like a list of the 72 Divine faces or names of God. These names appear throughout the bible. Many are “lost in translation.”

    Speaking of translations, the word “Fear,” as to “fear God” may be incorrect.
    From Jeff Benner – an expert on ancient Hebrew: (Click on e-zine, look for word – fear).

    “The word yirah comes from the parent root yar which means “to flow” and is related to words meaning river and rain, from their flowing, and to throw in the sense of flowing. From this we can see that when one is afraid the insides begin to shake, a flowing of the insides. But as the word yirah means “to flow” it is not limited to “fear” alone.

    In our introductory verse we saw that wisdom comes from this “fear of the Lord.” Compare that with Exodus 31:3 – “And I have filled him with the spirit of God, in wisdom, and in understanding, and in knowledge, and in all manner of workmanship.” It is “the Spirit of God (the Lord)” that gives us wisdom in the same way that “the fear of the Lord” does. The Hebrew word for “spirit” is “ruach” literally meaning the “wind,” which is also a flowing. The “fear of the Lord” is his Spirit which flows out of him into us giving us wisdom, knowledge and understanding.

    So the notion of “Fearing God” as it is known today may be entirely incorrect, perhaps an intentional mistranslation… Flowing with the spirit of God makes more sense.

    The following 72 names of God speak of the Love of God, again lost in translation…

    *ABBA, Father
    *ABIYAHU, My Father is Yah Himself
    *ABWOON D’BWASHMAYA (Ar), Our Father who art in the greater Heaven
    *ADAYAHU, YAH has adorned Himself
    *ADON OLAM, Lord of Eternity, Master of the Universe/World
    *ADONAI ELOHEKHEM EMET, The Lord Your God is Truth
    *ADONAI HA-ADONIM, Lord of Lords
    *AIN SOPH, Limitless
    *AIONIOU THEOU (Gk), The Everlasting God, God of the Ages
    *ANI YAHWEH ROFEKHA, I am YHWH that Heals You
    *ATIK YOMIN, Ancient of Days
    *AV HAROEH BESETTER, Father who sees in Secret
    *AVI-AD, Father of Eternity, Perpetual Father, Everlasting Father
    *AVINU MALKENU, Our Father, Our King
    *EL DE’OT YHWH, God of Knowledge YHWH
    *EL GIBOR, Mighty God, Masterful God
    *EL HANUN, Gracious (or Merciful) God
    *EL MALEH RACHAMIM, God Full of Compassion (Mercy)
    *EL MELEKH NE’EMAN, God A Faithful (Steadfast) King
    *EL RO-I, God who Sees, The Infinite One who Sees and Knows all things
    *ELAH AVAHATI (Ar), God of my Fathers
    *ELAH RAV (Ar), The Grand God
    *ELAH SH’MAYA V’ARAH (AR), God of Heaven and of Earth
    *ELAHA ILAYA (Ar), The Most Hight God
    *ELOAH SELICHOT, God of Forgiveness
    *ELOHEI MIKAROV ANI, I Am God Nearby
    *ELOHEI QEDEM, God of the Sun Rising (Aforetime, Eternal)
    *ELOHEI TSUR YESHA, God the Rock of My Salvation
    *ELOHIM MISGABI, The Lord is my Lofty Place/Refuge
    *EZRI UM’PALTI ATAH YHWH, My Helper and Deliverer is You, YHWH
    *GALEH RAZIN (Ar), Revealer of the Mysteries
    *GEMARYAHU, Yah Himself has accomplished
    *GO’ALENU YHWH TSEVA’OTH, Our Redeemer, YHWH of Hosts
    *HA-EL HA-NE’EMAN SHOMER HA-B’RITH, The Faithful God Keeping the Covenant (Adamic Inheritance)
    *HA-KADOSH BARUCH HU, The Holy One, Blessed be He (God)
    *HO OWN KAI HO EN KAI HO ERCHOMENOS (Gk), The One Who is, Who was, and Who is Coming
    *HU MEHASH’NEI IDANAYA (Ar), He (God) is altering times
    *HUPSISTOS (Gk), The Highest (or The Most High)
    *IMMANU-EL, With Us is God (El)
    *KADOSH ANI YHWH ELOHEICHEM, I the Lord Your God am Holy
    *MAHALAL’EL, God shines forth
    *MALCHI-SHUA, My King (God) is my Salvation
    *MAREI SH’MAYA (Ar), Lord of the Heaven(s)
    *MELEK HA-KAVOD, King of Glory (or “Glorious King”)
    *MELECH, MALCHEI HA-M’LACHIM, King of King of Kings
    *PANTOCRATOR (Gk), Almighty (or “All Sufficient”)
    *PATER PANTON (Gk), Father of All
    *PATER TES DOXES (Gk), Father of Glory
    *PATER TON PHOTON (Gk), Father of Lights
    *RACHMANA (Ar), The Compassionate One, The Merciful
    *RUKHA D’KOODSHA (Ar), The Holy Spirit
    *SHEMESH U-MAGEN YHWH ELOHIM, God is a Sun (Light) and a Shield
    *THEOS AGAPE ESTIN (Gk), God is Love
    *THEOS EN HO LOGOS (Gk), God was the Word
    *THEOS TES UPOMONES KAI TES PARAKLESEOS (Gk), God of Patience (Endurance) and Comfort
    *THEOS TES EIRENES (Gk), God of Peace
    *THEOTETOS, Godhead
    *TOVIYAHU, God is Good
    *URIYAH, My Light is Yah
    *UZIYAHU, God is my strength
    *YAWEH ELOHEI KOL BASAR, YHWH God (Creator) of all Flesh (Humankind)
    *YAWEH M’KADDESHEM, YHWH who Sanctifies (you)
    *YAWEH NISSI, The Lord is my Banner
    *YAWEH ROHI, The Lord is My Shepherd (or pasture place)
    *YAWEH YIREH, The Lord Will Provide (Shall See)
    *YEHOYAQUIM, Yah will raise up (or establish)
    *YESHAYAHU, Yah Himself is Salvation (also Yah Saves)
    *YHWH ELOHEKHA ESH ‘OKLAH, YHWH your God is a devouring (consuming) fire
    *Y-H-W-H OSENU, YHWH Our Maker
    *YOTZER OR, Creator (or “Former”) of Light
    *Z’CHARYAHU, Yah Himself has remembered

  4. Jaap Maat November 22, 2010 at 10:56 am #

    Well, Eric, as far as I know there are several ways to know God and what He wants, the main ones observing the creation, reading the Bible and connecting with the Holy Ghost.

    Reading Genesis 1 and 2, you’ll see a creative God, who made life, the universe and everything.

    Reading the rest of the OT, you’ll see a God who made a covenant with the Jewish people, and aided them in war as long as they behaved correctly.

    In the NT you’ll see the Son of God showed a new side, the one of mercy, forgiving, in exchange for believing and maintaining the (OT) Law.

    Then Paul made some changes to the deal, excluding gentiles or non-Jewish people from the OT Law, like circumcision.

    People communicating with the Holy Ghost sometimes but not always feel guidance. Ronald Reagan and G.W. Bush said they believed to have this contact and used it to go to war. Others disagreed, so this is quite tricky to interpret correctly.

    Now which face of God is the most important?
    I do not know, it is very confusing.
    What about you?

  5. Kenneth Tyner November 22, 2010 at 2:28 pm #


  6. Ricky R November 22, 2010 at 8:17 pm #

    The first thing I think of, when I think of God, is (just to tell you my train of thoughts can go to drinking milk to penguins on an iceberg) the Christian God( anyways Christianity is the majority).

    Which then makes me think of the bible(The Christan’s book of “Truth”)

    -which makes me think of homophobic(anyways the bible is against it-which is in my opinion ignorant) (((I would love you to make a blog post to scientifically tell me why being homosexual/gay/les/trans is “wrong”. scientifically-anyways you claim to like science so much. And the bible is the truth. truth is knowledge. and science is knowledge-so it shouldn’t be too hard. ) ))

    which makes me think of hate(anyways being homophobic is being prejudges which is being hateful and ignorant)
    -which makes me think of war(holy crusades. Anyways war is hate in action),

    which makes me think of pain(because war causes pain),

    which makes me think of eternal punishment(there is painful),

    which makes me think of the devil(who is there), which makes me think of good&evil(God vs. Devil),

    which makes makes me think of morality,

    which makes me think of fairy tales(for two reasons. 1- i don’t think absolute morals truly exist in the universe-without humans- 2.) all fairy tales have morals in them) . from then on my thoughts get more and more illogical).

    In the long run God just makes me think of fairy tales.

  7. Dawn Stewart November 23, 2010 at 6:38 am #

    Quite simply, God is my best friend. He knows every flaw in my character and yet He loves me for who I am and will never leave me. He holds my hand and patiently continues to walk by my side, guiding me as I stumble along the narrow path that will eventually lead me home, to His Kingdom. How lucky am I to have such a true friend! Glory be to God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, now and forever more.

  8. Abe Geo November 23, 2010 at 10:08 am #

    Everyone knows that there is a Creator and his name is Jehovah…our LORD GOD.Everyone knows that everything is his creation.Some went bad out of the creation’s free will.Look around You know there is a Creator.

    You are with no Excuse my friends.You cannot tell him that Oh you were deceived by others or the scientific evidence pointed towards evolution.You can know and see the Creators awesome and Infinite Knowledge from the creations itself.

    Wait a minute…..Are we questioning our father?Why do people do not want GOD?well you have your reasons. Whatever it may be deep down you know that it is against your Father’s will and one day you will kneel down in front of an angry Father.

    To see GOD all you have to use is your basic common sense.There are inbuilt data in your brains that proclaims the identity of our Father and his personality.Without him we all will be known as BASTARDS.I am happy that I have a Father and His name is The all holy almighty Trinity The Great and awesome JEHOVAH and that is my identity in this great cosmos.

    The fatherless theory of evolution gives you the name BASTARD or those people can hang a picture of an ape and say grandpa was a great ape.And still we ask questions that angers him. there is nothing wrong in asking genuine questions and our father welcomes it and is all happy to provide you with answers.But we ask questions to ridicule him and to state that he do not exists.Is this our motto?

    Why do we need our Father.I believe the ultimate freedom and peace of mind comes from him.Imagine everyone obeys him and follows his commands.What a wonderful world it would be.what good sleep you will get every night.when was the last time we had a nice dinner with our family when was the last time you prayed with your family.When was the last time you saw your family was happy to see you in its true sense.Ultimate freedom comes from his commands.Look around ,what do you see.People live in fear,hate,anger,jealousy,wrath,lust..etc.

    The path of sin offers great momentary pleasures and immense wealth.But you can never be happy with that pleasure and wealth.But GOD offers wealth in abundance and an eternal life.Hey let me ask you what do we lose obeying our father ?..Nothing…we lose nothing.

    What do we gain?….EVERYTHING.

    Why are we so eager to prove the theory of evolution.I know why….we need that to feel no guilt.We all feel guilty of several things in a day don’t we?


    If there is no GOD you don’t have to feel guilty.If it feels good do it.But we all know there is JEHOVAH watching us every day weather we like it or not.

    An Angry JEHOVAH is the last thing I want to see in my life.

    GOD bless you all


  9. John Bebbington November 24, 2010 at 3:10 pm #

    Tiny, tiny typo, Eric; it wasn’t Chesterton who said it but A.W. Tozer who wrote it in his book “The Knowledge of the Holy”.

  10. Randy Miller November 26, 2010 at 8:23 pm #

    It was Tozer who said it …
    What a profound quote!
    Just reading the comments on this blog shows the significant difference between believers and unbelievers.
    For me …
    The first descriptive word that comes to mind (when I contemplate God) is,
    The second is,
    The third is,
    After those I think;
    -The Truth
    -The Light