Q: Dr. Hovind, my teacher says no one can understand biology without first understanding evolution. She seems a little perturbed that I even dared to question evolution. Why did she get all defensive?

A: This is a popular question. Evolution according to definitions one through five (see the six types of evolution) is a religion, but few believers will ever admit that point. When they feel it is threatened, you will see them defend it with religious fervor. Your biggest challenge all year will be separating the science from religion. The book (and probably your teacher) thinks there are no levels, stages, or different meanings of the word. They will give you lots of examples for number six, microevolution (variation), and think that they have now proven all of the other five.

I suggest you print the chart below of the six meanings and give a copy to the teacher and all other interested students. Throughout the year you can always point out that micro is the only real-science part of evolution. Don’t get discouraged if the teacher never gets it. I’ve done one hundred debates with professors, and I don’t think any ever admitted that the first five were religious and not part of science.

Eric does a great job at explaining the different definitions of evolution and why they are religious in his seminar, “They’re Both Religions.” I encourage you to watch it.

Six definitions of evolution