Happy Thanksgiving

With this week being Thanksgiving, I want to share with you what I think is the most amazing part of ministering here at Creation Today. We are blessed to receive hundreds of testimonies from around the world and they come in on a daily basis. These are what give us a reason to celebrate all that God is doing as we continue to serve him! I especially love the ones in broken English as people from around the globe communicate what God has done in their lives because of the ministry of Creation Today!

Hello, excuse me because of my poor english, but I think you will understand: I want to say that creation today, is very influent in my faith and one of the reasons for me to praise tle Lord, is like a psalm in our days… And I am not afraid of my son´s future in terms of education, because we can use your material… praise tle Lord for you…

– Jose’


If you ever need a pick me up, read some of the testimonies that we have put online. You can view them HERE.

Praying that you enjoy the many blessings we have in Christ this Thanksgiving season.

God Bless,

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