Genesis Movie 3DA couple months ago I had a wonderful interview with Steve Ham from Answers in Genesis regarding the Genesis Movie and the desire we have to see it impact the lives of many people throughout the world.

How many times have you watched the Discovery channel, the History channel, PBS, and other programs as they interviewed scientists and used animation to assert that dinosaurs lived millions of years ago? As creationists, we watch this and know that billions of people around the world are believing this lie, simply because they saw it on TV.

Utilizing the latest technology, the Genesis Movie will show the Creation of the world in stunning 3D animation, starting in Genesis Chapter One. So instead of reading, “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth,” you can experience it. And it is turning out to be spectacular!

Think about this: There are over 400,000 churches in America today. And there are 6,000 first-run movie theaters. Which is having the most impact on our culture? Unfortunately, it seems to be the theaters which are having a greater influence on how our world thinks. Instead of hiding our candle under a bushel, we want to use the theater “candlestick” to proclaim the Gospel and do it in a BIG way! That’s what the Genesis Movie is all about.

Although it looks like real life, the Genesis Movie is computer animated and it is first class. With the technology we have available we want to raise the bar and be leaders, not followers, in the next generation of movies. Most importantly, we desire to present the true message of creation, and the Creator who became our Savior.

Almost three years ago, we sat down with the scientists at Answers in Genesis and went through the content of what we planned on doing. This past February we went back and submitted our work to the review board at AiG. They scrutinized everything to make sure that we are lining up consistently with a good hermeneutic and a Biblical approach to the science. Overall, this film is going to be rock solid! Pastors and church leaders can get behind this, knowing that it has the backing of AiG, and encourage their church members to go see this movie. It really will be a powerful medium for sharing the Gospel.

“If you have an unsaved friend, this is the movie to take them to!” -Todd Friel

There’s a variety of different ways for getting this movie in the theaters, whether we go big or small. Over the next year we will be developing a plan with the assistance of others like the Kendricks brothers and the creators of “God’s Not Dead.” There’s big potential for this so please be praying that God will lead us in the right direction as we finish production and work on getting it into the theaters.

Ralph Strean, the director and producer of this movie, used to work at Disney, Lockheed Martin, and EA Sports. He is phenomenally talented! But a few years ago he became tired of using his talents for the world and desired to use them for the Glory of God instead. Now he literally works 12 – 18 hours a day on this one project, his labor of love.

Please pray with us that many will come to know Christ and to experience their Creator — God through this movie as we bring it to the big screen, hopefully soon in a city near you!

You can check out our progress and sign up for updates at www.GenesisMovie.com

“I’ve seen some of the footage in the Genesis 3D Movie and it is spectacular, I have to say. It really does feel like you’re right there and when I think about this… I think about the number of programs that are going out, like the “Walking with Dinosaurs” exhibit that happened in stadiums and other places all over the country. People are mesmerized by these visual effects so we need to use this wonderful, powerful medium to give people the truth rather than the fairy tale that’s normally given.” -Steve Ham (Answers Conversations Podcast, March 30, 2015)

(Full Interview with Steve Ham and Eric Hovind)

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