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Creation Today is one of the world’s foremost authorities on science and the Bible.  It is a privilege to be asked to speak on the creation message all over the world!  We know that this is one of the most important topics of the day and that people greatly benefit from this information.

To invite CT to speak at your church, school, or conference, please fill out the following survey.  Because we are blessed with many requests, we cannot accommodate them all.  Our team will prayerfully review your information and contact you if we’d like to pursue your opportunity further.

Creation Today would prefer to travel to every location that requests us at no charge.  However, the economic reality is that it does cost for us to travel and speak, and in light of the current economic situation, we must charge travel costs to the host.

Things to Consider Before Scheduling

  • Creation Today requires:
  • Travel accommodations (airfare, vehicle rental, lodging, meals, etc.) should be considered before requesting an event. CT will make arrangements, but asks that the sponsoring organization take care of such expenses.
  • Creation Today requests:
  • Per Diem of $200 total each day, including travel days, which covers both the speaker and his associate.
  • Love Offering: In order to help cover the costs of the 15 Creation Today support staff and operation expense, we request that a love offering be received after each session to help supply the ministry needs for outreach. God knows our ministry needs and continues to provide.
  • Please ensure that the hosting venue is technologically equipped for multimedia presentations (video screens, sound system, etc.).
  • Please consider partnering with other churches or organizations so that we can reach the maximum number of people possible.
  • For smaller event requests, please consider a Web cast event.

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