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Our LIVE and On-Demand webinars are fun and interactive—available at your fingertips no matter where you are! You can view or download each of the videos making them a learning tool for you and others.

“You Creationists are Anti-Science!” I hear this all the time, but is it true? Do Creationists have scientific evidence for believing in a Young Earth?  Many times Creationism will be labeled as “anti-evolutionism” because we often present arguments that poke holes in the evolution worldview without making a positive case for Creationism. However, Creation Scientists from many disciplines have come together to conclude that observable, repeatable, testable, scientific evidence actually confirms the Biblical position of a young earth. What kind of evidence? We’re glad you asked!  Join Eric Hovind and Helmut Welke to discover the Scientific Evidence for a young earth.
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As a Christian, our authority comes from the Scriptures—The Bible. But how did we get this ancient collection of 66 Books? How do we know they have been preserved accurately through time? And how do we know they are reliable? If these books have been translated for thousands of years, are they still accurate?  As a Christian, knowing your foundation is critical! Do you know the truth, and more importantly, can you defend it?  Join Eric Hovind and Josh Wallnofer as they answer the question, “How did we get the Bible?”
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Members FAQ

How may I access the LIVE webinars classes and conferences?

You will receive an email to sign in to each live Zoom webinar prior to the class beginning. On-Demand replays of each webinar will be available within 48 hours of the initial streaming date. If you do not have Zoom you may download it at for FREE for your appropriate device.

How do I contact Zoom support if I am experiencing technical issues?

For other issues, visit Zoom’s customer support page at and their technical team will respond to your need promptly.

On Zoom, all I see is a scrolling circle that says, “Please wait for the host to start this webinar.”

If you log in early, this is Zoom’s version of a waiting room. It’s not frozen, it just pauses there until the conference begins, which is normally right on time. If it’s five minutes after the start time, you may want to log out, restart your device, and log back in.

On Zoom, I’ve entered my password multiple times and can’t log in to watch.

This is common. You are likely entering the conference password where you should enter your personal Zoom account password. You first need to sign in to Zoom with your email address and password, then select “Join meeting,” where you will enter the meeting ID and password you received for the conference (if prompted).

How will I be able to ask questions?

There are two options, both of which are available only during the live event (questions cannot be taken beforehand). During the webinar, there will be a place to write your question, as well as a “hand raise” feature to let us know you have a question you’d like to verbally ask (if you’re chosen, it will be an audio-only feed).

Will people be able to see me during the conference?

No. This is not set up like a typical Zoom meeting (where it looks like the opening scene to the Brady Bunch); this is a professional webinar platform that Zoom hosts. You will be able to see only our speakers; they cannot see you and attendees cannot see each other.

Will the sessions be recorded? Can I watch them later?

Yes. Within 48 hours after the conference, all registrants will be emailed exclusive access to the replay. This is for private viewing for paid attendees, who may have missed sessions or want to view them again, and cannot be shared with others.

Creation Members get unlimited access to all On-Demand webinar classes and conferences.

If you purchased individual live “name your own price” webinar classes and are not a Creation Member, then you may access and download your classes in the “My Downloads” link in the account settings area of the top menu navigation.

Can I share the sessions with my friends or family members?

Your payment covers the registration only for a single device, but you can have as many people as you want crowd around your device to watch with you. Others wanting to view it elsewhere would need to register separately.