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Is the modern-day Nation of Israel the fulfillment of Biblical Prophecy? Is the modern Zionist Movement part of God’s promise to Abraham? Should Christians be supporting Israel? Does Israel even have rights to the land in which they are living? 

Join Eric Hovind and Dr. Nathan Jones to learn the six myths about Israel that are even deceiving Christians.

Can Christians thrive in any environment? Does persecution and chaos paralyze Christians from engaging in their community and influencing others? Under what types of government can Christianity truly thrive?

We’ll tackle these complex questions by examining historical and contemporary examples of Christians who have navigated various political landscapes while maintaining their faith and integrity. You’ll discover Christian principles to guide us in being responsible, ethical, and influential citizens—even in a woke culture—that equip us to be a beacon of light to a secular society!

Join Eric Hovind and William Federer to gain practical wisdom on how to victoriously live out your faith in the public sphere under any political climate!

Why is it essential to know the foundational principles of Christian apologetics and evangelism? Isn’t that just for pastors, evangelists, and missionaries?

This show might change your perspective! Today we delve into God's perspective on unbelievers, highlighting their spiritual blindness and need for the Gospel. We’ll gain  practical knowledge for sharing our faith effectively as we learn to combine wisdom, compassion, and unwavering reliance on God's Word in every interaction.

Join Eric Hovind and seasoned evangelist and film producer Eddie Roman as they teach practical strategies for engaging unbelievers and relativists, with gentleness and reverence, embracing a Christ-like demeanor in all situations.

Coastal Geology is riddled with enigmas. From the Chalk Cliffs of Dover to the Rocky Cliffs of California, these mysteries actually reveal a truth of which many scientists want to remain willingly ignorant. Be inspired to see God's handiwork in the natural world and deepen your understanding of His creation as you learn about the rapid formation of mountains, the impact of tectonic plate movements, and the evidence for Young Earth Creationism.

Join Eric Hovind and Nate Loper to explore the stunning landscapes of the West Coast, from California to Washington, and discover how these coastal features align with the Biblical account of a global flood.

Infamous Mexican drug lord Mario Armando Ramírez Treviño, commonly referred to as Pelón or X-20, was untouchable. His status as a drug dealer, his family connections, and his reportedly murderous nature lead to his fame. Drug cartels feared him, not because he was physically intimidating, but because his brothers were protective and connected. 

Pelon’s story describes what the Bible claims might be the single most important attitude we can adopt if we want to thrive and flourish as Christians. It's an attribute that Pelon simply did not possess. You'll be surprised when you understand what secular studies demonstrate and what New Testament authors have always claimed.

Join Eric Hovind and Cold-Case Homicide Detective, J. Warner Wallace to crack this case and discover how homicide stories confirm biblical truths!

We’ve tackled subjects ranging from Twitter Apologetics to Destroying Evolution; we’ve seen your comments and reactions and they are GOLD!!! This episode, we want you to enjoy the best clips and moments from the Creation Today Show over the past 6 months! 

Join Eric Hovind and Creation Today’s Social Media Manager Rachel Mims to catch up on what you missed and get answers to questions asked!




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