Dear Pastor,

While less than 2% of Christians actively share their faith, 100% are put on the spot to defend their faith at one time or another. The question is: are they doing it biblically? The Proof of God Conference is this October 12th and 13th. And we want you to be there so urgently, we will give you the tickets free! This conference will teach people how to defend their faith in the God of the Bible—biblically.

I love the quote from one of our speakers, Sye. He said, “If you think you have to be brilliant to defend your faith, you are doing it wrong.” Those words are so true. We are not attempting to turn people into evangelical geniuses overnight, but we will be able to show them the foundation to the Christian faith and teach them how to defend it biblically in just one weekend. We have discovered that many Christians are defending their faith wrong in one of two ways: They are either defending God wrong, or they are defending the wrong god. This has to change.

We would love for you to come learn and enjoy the Proof of God Conference on October 12th and 13th. To get your free tickets, we are asking you to do four things before October 1st:

  1. Pray: With attacks on the Christian worldview on the rise, and Christians less capable of defending their faith in God, we need prayer. Please commit to praying for this conference.
  2. Encourage: We want to help you encourage your church. Would you show the promotional video (below) about the conference to your church and encourage them to attend?
  3. Host: If you are interested in having one of the speakers at your church, please let us know and we will put you on the list. Please also let us know what speaker you are interested in.
  4. Attend: We would like to offer you two free tickets to attend this conference, so that you and another staff member can take part in this wonderful event. Seating is limited, so please call soon.

To get your free tickets to this unforgettable event, call 877-479-3466 between 8:30 am and 4:30 pm CST.  Our secretaries are ready to place your reservation.

If you prefer to register by email, please use the form on our website:

Thank you for helping people know the truth, and sharing with them how to defend it—biblically.

Eric Hovind

Proof of God Conference Promo Video 1:

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Proof of God Conference Promo Video 2:

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