Let’s face it, what the Church is doing is either not working or not enough. We don’t need to reinvent the Church, but we do need to rethink how we are going about fulfilling the Great Commission and making DISCIPLES. Remember, Christ has called us to “make disciples,” not “make believers.” Discipleship is what is going to change the world! 

As a Marine, Mike Riddle is asking the questions: “what is our mission?”, “what is our situation?”, and “how do we see victory?”. These questions are leading him to be bold in his drive to help others learn how to lead! 

Join Eric Hovind and Mike Riddle as they discuss the Church’s role and the parents’ role in identifying the needed shift if we are going to truly fulfill Christ’s commission to make disciples.

Eric Hovind

Creation TodayPresident

Mike Riddle

Creation Training InitiativeFounder and President

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