Where God creates life, Satan desires death: death of intimacy, death of health, death of mental well being…. Since Satan can’t create anything, all he can do is pervert what God has created. He does this in every arena of God’s Creation. Satan is the father of LIES and is always twisting and perverting God’s Creation in order to steal the Glory away from God. This has certainly happened with one of God’s most beautiful creations, SEX! 

So how has Satan perverted Sex in the minds of our youth and in our culture? What can we do to heal our brain and bring it back to the condition God desires? 

Our guest, Dr. Douglas Weiss, is a psychologist and the founder of Heart to Heart Counseling Center which specializes in the treatment of sexual addicts, intimacy anorexics and their spouses. Join us for a one on one conversation to learn how Sex was originally designed, how Satan perverted sex and how we bring healing to a broken world.



Eric Hovind

Creation TodayPresident

Dr. Doug Weiss

Heart to Heart Counseling CenterPsychologist & Founder

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