Bryan Case and Bob Nunziato have experienced hundreds of amazing camp speakers in their combined 70+ years in Christian Camping. These speakers preached sermons so powerful that if it were possible, the pews would have gotten saved! They have also watched many of these men fade off the scene never to preach again because of something in their life taking them out of ministry. 

Each year I speak at their camp, my personal conversations go deep into how we measure success in ministry. I have always loved their wisdom, insights, and discernment they pour into my life and ministry, so I asked them if we could have one of those conversations on camera while I was in California speaking at Hartland Christian Camp. They said “Yes!” and you are going to be so glad they did! If you want to glean years of wisdom on ministry success packaged into less than 60 minutes, then this conversation is for you!

Eric Hovind

Creation TodayPresident

Bob  Nunziato

Hartland Christian CampExecutive Director

Bryan Case

Hartland Christian CampProgram Manager

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