Paul Cornelius – Tribute to Our Co-Laborer and Friend

September 10, 1962 – May 24, 2022

Back Row: (L to R) Sierra, Dominic, Reagan, Britton, Obrianna (Daughter-in-Law) & Landon Middle Row: Dana and Paul Front Row: Kendra  and Brisa

Today, we learned of the great loss of an extraordinary Husband and Father, an American Patriot, a Leader in the Creation Movement, a Hero of the Faith, and our Friend—Paul Gregory Cornelius. In his short life from September 10, 1962 to May 24, 2022, God established a legacy that will live on throughout eternity. 

Paul received his Bachelor of Science from Cumberland College (University of the Cumberlands) and did Masters work with Andersonville Seminary.  As a veteran of the Gulf War, Paul spent time in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Turkey, serving eight years in the United States Air Force.  Paul then served in church positions of music, youth and pastoral leadership, and also worked for the State of Texas as a Certified Drug Prevention Specialist.

For over a decade, the Cornelius family traveled the country preaching the Gospel until they were called to direct the Discovery Center in Abilene, TX, a Biblical Museum which has spread the creation message to thousands.  Paul led the exciting project of building a new wing on the museum with displays depicting 4,000 years of Jewish history.

In spite of his demanding schedule, Paul was a devoted husband and father, serving side-by-side with his wife Dana Jean (Thornton) Cornelius for over 25 years. Together, they have raised their seven children to serve God, one of whom is married and three others grown. 

Dana now faces a difficult time financially, suddenly thrown in the position of single mom with children for whom she must provide. The Cornelius family has served by faith these many years, and God has always supplied. If you would like the blessing of helping support this precious family, you may send support through a new Go Fund Me project.

I have personally known Paul to help others in their time of need. During an especially challenging time in my own life, Paul met up with me to talk through some tough stuff. He let me pour my heart out to him as a brother in Christ and a fellow Creation Speaker. He followed up our time together with an encouraging note from which I quote:

You my brother have been given a tremendous ministry, but you have also realized that you cannot do it.  I know your trust and faith is in the Lord, and He will supply the grace you need to see it all through.  Stay close to the Lord, brother.  God’s hand is upon you, “for such a time as this.”   Feel free to contact me anytime.

Keep Looking Up!  (Luke 21:28),


I am confident that if Paul were here and learned of another fellow laborer’s family in need, he would jump in to help. Thank you in advance if you can help be the hands and feet of Jesus to Dana and the kids.

If I could tell Paul something now, I would tell him this: “Paul, you outran me! You ran your race well; you finished the course, and we are all jealous that you got to bow at the feet of our Savior before we did. Keep cheering us on now, as we finish the races that God has set before us. We’ll see you soon!”


Your co-laborer these many years and friend ,

Eric Hovind and the Creation Today Team