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Champions of Invention eBook (EPUB, MOBI)


John Hudson Tiner

The great minds of the past are still with us today, in many ways. Individuals who explored the natural world hundreds of years ago have given us a treasure of knowledge in all the sciences. In this exciting series from educator/author John Hudson Tiner, short biographies of the world’s most gifted thinkers will inspire the leaders of tomorrow.

Download: 71 pages

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John Hudson Tiner

Tiner, an educator and author of books like Exploring the History of Medicine and Exploring Planet Earth, uses his communication skills to introduce this first book in a new series. In this first book, we learn that inventors like Charles Babbage (computer); Michael Faraday (electric generator); and John Gutenberg (movable type/printing press) gave credit for their achievements to God. The Champions of Discovery Series lists many of the great men of science who also held to a firm faith in God. From Sir Isaac Newton to Louis Pasteur, these intellectuals merely considered that they were thinking God’s thoughts after Him. Tiner, a science teacher, brings these sometimes forgotten scientists into our consciousness and demonstrates that legitimate scientists have historically affirmed the Bible’s teachings.

Download: 71 pages


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