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Producers Ralph Strean and Eric Hovind get a look at the new Genesis: Paradise Lost Blu-ray and DVD.

Posted by Genesis Movie on Friday, March 2, 2018

After seven years dedicated to the production of the Genesis Movie, we are so excited to announce that they are finally here in the warehouse! Our phones, inboxes, and Facebook pages have been overrun with messages for the past two months asking when the pre-orders will ship. Don’t worry, we’re getting them out as quickly as we can. Since they arrived, we’ve already taken several trailer-loads of packages to the post office!
If you weren’t able to see Genesis: Paradise Lost in the theaters, you can still get a great experience at home. We are so happy with the quality of this movie, especially on Blu Ray. I can’t wait for you to experience this for yourselves!
Another exciting feature which we barely managed to squeeze in, is the list of subtitles. We were able to get 12 languages on the first edition of this DVD. Representing 3.5 BILLION people, these languages include English, Croatian, Chinese, Dutch, Greek, Hungarian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Polish, Romanian, and Thai. Although they won’t be on the first edition, we have a LOT more languages coming in like Spanish, Russian, and Hindi, which represents a billion people by itself.
We believe this is a gift from God to enable you to take the Gospel message to the world. And that is the whole reason why we made the movie. Show them Creation. Give them the Gospel. It’s the perfect evangelical tool. After you get your copy, please send us your testimony of how this movie affected your life or the lives of your family members and friends.
If you haven’t ordered yet, we have 2 options available to you:

Option 1 – DVD and bonus features disc
Option 2 – DVD, bonus features, Blu Ray, and the BluRay 3D

From our hearts to yours, thank you for being on this journey with us. And thank you for your patience in the years leading up to this moment.
May God receive all the glory!