What difference does it make whether the evolution story is true? Who cares about creation or evolution? Actually this is one of the most important topics in the world! In my ninety debates with evolutionists, I often ask the simple question, “If evolution is true, how can anyone tell right from wrong?” My opponents never answer the question. Think about it. Make a list of ten things that are wrong, but before you make the list, I want to ask how you decide what is right and wrong. Does Congress decide right from wrong? Should Osama Bin Laden decide right from wrong? Should Adolph Hitler decide right from wrong? Maybe you should decide right from wrong for you and I will decide it for me. In that case, what if I decide it is okay to steal from you? Where is the standard for deciding right from wrong?

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Are You Being Brainwashed?Are You Being Brainwashed? Propaganda in Science Textbooks
A resource to give students information that will help them combat the lies often promoted in the classrooms as evidence for the evolution theory.
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