>>>Why would anyone want to brainwash students?

Why would anyone want to brainwash students?

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I’m often asked, “Why would textbook authors teach lies just to get someone to believe in the theory of evolution,” or some other version of the question. There may be many answers, but let me give you just a few that I’ve thought of.

  1. Some people believe in evolution and teach it to others because that is all they have ever been taught. They simply do not know any better. They may honestly not know that these things have been proven wrong years ago. They simply may not be up to date on the research. If that is the case, we can fix that. They simply need to study the truth and stop teaching lies. If it happens that there is nothing left to support the evolution theory, well, I’m sorry—that’s just the way good science works. If someone has a theory, but no supporting evidence, that’s their problem—not yours or mine.
  2. Some people teach the evolution theory because their job depends upon it. They may write things in books or teach things to students because they are required to. The fact that what they’re teaching is wrong may or may not bother them. They think they are obligated to teach these lies and brainwash you because that’s what they have been hired to do. In many instances, Hitler’s soldiers executing the Jews in the concentration camps felt the same way about their job.
  3. Some people hope there is no Creator because that may affect their lifestyle (see Rom 1:28). These people are desperately trying to get others to believe in the theory of evolution because they apparently think if everybody believes, then it will become true and they can avoid accountability to the Creator.
  4. There may be some who present lies in the textbooks because of their social/political agenda. Many people who study this thoroughly understand that the evolution theory is the essential foundation for communism, socialism, Nazism, and Marxism. We cover much more on this topic in “The Dangers of Evolution.”
  5. Lastly, some people may be presenting lies in textbooks or classrooms simply because they have too much pride to admit they are wrong. If someone has been teaching something for years and years and realizes they are wrong, in their mind it may be easier to continue teaching this than to admit they taught something wrong for many years.

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