What is your reaction when I say, “the laws of thermodynamics”? Hang on – don’t click off so fast! I promise this conversation was not at all a boring science lecture, and you don’t want to miss it. Be prepared to have your mind blown by how some fundamental scientific laws so soundly defeat naturalism.

In this week’s Creation Today Show “Thermodynamics: The Death of Naturalism,” my friend Master Master Rocket Rob Webb (watch the show to understand that reference!) gives an incredible lesson on how these scientific laws present a real problem for naturalists. I’ll leave the science-y explanation to the professional, but, to sum it up, according to the laws of thermodynamics, without a Creator, the universe would have to be both eternal and not eternal. Crazy, I know!

“How could this be?” you may be wondering. You’re going to have to watch the show if you want the full explanation, but the big idea to take away is this: the origin of the universe is simply not a natural event, and evolutionists cannot accept that. They would rather contradict science than embrace the supernatural!

As believers, we know truth, and should be passionate about sharing it with others. Mr. Webb encourages us to use some of this general knowledge as we seek to share the truth. One of the tips he offers is just to ask questions about some of these scientific laws and theories secularists so adamantly hold to. Even if they don’t admit the flaw in their thinking surrounding the idea of an evolutionary origin of the universe in conjunction with scientific laws like thermodynamics, a seed can be planted. And that’s all we can ask for!

Be sure to schedule some time into your week to enjoy my friend Master Master Rocket Rob Webb teach us all about how thermodynamics can deal such a fatal blow to naturalism.